Forklift Product Sales

Forklift Attachments

We sell all types of new and used forklift attachments such as forklift rotators, bale clamps, carton clamps, paper roll clamps, single double pallet handlers, side shifts, fork positioners, forklift brooms, forklift dust mops, forklift snow plows, carpet poles, surf boards for handling bales of pulp, drum clamps, push pulls / slip sheet attachments, layer pickers, load stabilizers, forward bin dumpers, brick and block handlers, broke clamps, concrete pipe handlers, fixed fork spreaders, tire clamps, glass panel handlers, forging clamps, load pushers and the list goes on.

We offer standard and custom forklift attachment solutions as required.

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Forklift Batteries

Count on Fleetman Consulting Inc. to properly assess your existing forklift battery issue to determine if it’s time to repair or upgrade with either a new forklift battery, used forklift battery or a reconditioned forklift battery.

We sell 6 volt through 80 volt forklift batteries to fit all makes and models of forklifts including order pickers, reach trucks, electric pallet jacks, tow tractors, tuggers and more.

We’ll also make sure the battery is properly matched to the forklift and we’ll make sure the forklift battery charger is properly matched to the battery.

We take care everything, ie supplying the battery, delivering the battery, removal of the old battery, installation of the new forklift battery and proper environmental disposal of the old battery and on-site training so you are well informed of how to properly look after your battery, all at a price you can afford.

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Forklift Battery Chargers

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells both new and used forklift battery chargers and we make sure they are properly matched to your existing forklift battery with the right connector and so on.

Ask us about fast charge technology as a means to operate over multiple shifts without having to acquire spare batteries.

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Fork Extensions

Forklift fork extensions come in various lengths and widths to fit the most common forklift fork sizes and they will typically fit most if not all makes and models of forklift trucks.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells standard and custom size forklift fork extensions. Standard sizes are typically in stock.

We also sell standard duty fork extensions and heavy duty fork extensions.

Learn more about how to properly fit a set of fork extensions on your existing forks to keep your work environment safe and productive. Essentially the fork extension must not be more than 1.5 times the length of the O.E.M. fork blade and the load must be evenly distributed across the fork extension starting from the inside heel of the fork.

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Forklift Forks

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells all types of forklift forks for all makes and models of forklift trucks, large and small. We offer both ITA class 2, 3 and 4 hook mount forks and shaft mount forks. We also supply custom size forks to suit a particular application.

Most standard sizes are in stock for fast delivery.

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Forklift Parts

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells forklift parts for all forklift makes and models at very attractive prices as a result of our low overhead and the efficient way in which we service our clients.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. is an authorized dealer for TVH parts, the largest aftermarket forklift parts distributor in the world. Their main Canadian west coast distribution centre is located in Port Coquitlam, BC where parts availability is second to none in the industry.

Although we are not an O.E.M. parts dealer for common brands such as Toyota, Hyster, Yale, Cat ( Caterpillar ), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Crown, Raymond, Clark, Doosan, Daewoo, Taylor, Unicarriers and Linde, we can supply both aftermarket and O.E.M. parts for all forklift makes and models.

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Forklift Preshift Inspection Books

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells pre-shift inspection kits and pre-shift inspection replacement books designed specifically for counterbalance rider electric and counterbalance rider internal combustion forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, electric pallet jacks, electric stackers, scissor lifts, overhead cranes, jib cranes and skid steer loaders.

We offer two different forklift pre-shift inspection forms in kit style to suit different working environments.

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Forklift Snow Plows

Increase the utility of your forklift by adding a forklift snow plow attachment in the winter months to clear snow.

There are 2 basic models to choose from that will fit on most forklifts up to 10,000 lbs gross capacity.

Watch a forklift snow plow video on our website.

Order by September to be ready for the first snow fall.

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Forklift Sweepers

Forklift sweepers, also known as forklift brooms, provide many businesses with a cost effective way to clean their yard and facility in both wet and dry environments.

In addition, the forklift broom attachment is one more way to increase the utility of your existing forklift. It fits on almost any forklift up to 10,000 lbs gross capacity and it will also handle light snow in the wintertime.

Using manual labour to sweep the yard and facility with a manual push broom can be very costly and time consuming resulting in poor use of a company’s labour assets which can be hard to find these days.

Watch a forklift sweeper video on our website.

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Magnetic Sweepers

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells a complete range of magnetic sweepers to help reduce the amount of stray metal debris that can cause flat tires present a safety hazard to your employees. Some models can mount on a piece of equipment and other models require that you walk with the unit similar to pushing a broom.

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Forklift Dust Mops

Keep your warehouse free of dust and debris and accomplish this in the most efficient manner possible by using a forklift dust mop attachment.

Watch a forklift dust mop video on our website.

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Forklift Tires

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells forklift tires for all makes and models of forklift trucks up to 35,000 lbs capacity.

We offer full service on-site installation and old tire disposal in most major cities across BC.

We supply cushion, air pneumatic and solid pneumatic options. We also offer non-marking forklift tire options as well.

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Forklift Maintenance Cost Tracking Software

Fleetman Consulting Inc. developed this software from the ground up to work specifically with all makes and models of forklifts and electric pallet jacks.

Track forklift maintenance costs, cost per hour and much more in an easy to use, affordable way.

Ask us for a free no obligation demo.

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Used Forklifts For Sale

Unlike the forklift dealers, we aren’t obligated to take trade-ins and therefore we have the luxury of choosing only the very best used forklifts for our clients.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. carefully hand picks each and every used forklift as though we were offering this equipment to a family member.

We typically only buy high quality, low hour used forklifts that have been well serviced throughout their life and where the work environment was not abusive or corrosive.

If you’re in the market to buy or lease a quality used forklift, we might have exactly what you’re looking for.

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