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An Introduction To Forklift Tires

The Most Common Forklift Tire Types

Cushion Rubber Forklift Tires

Used mainly for indoor applications on smooth concrete surfaces. Sometimes used on asphalt, but not recommended. Available in black rubber or white non-marking, traction tread or smooth.

Cushion Forklift TireAnother Cushion Forklift Tire

Air Pneumatic Rubber Lift Truck Tires

Used mostly for outdoor applications where the riding surface is not smooth but is free of debris that would otherwise cause flat tires. Available in black rubber with traction tread.

Air Pneumatic Forklift Tire
Solid Pneumatic Forklift Tire Solid Pneumatic Forklift Tire

Solid Pneumatic Rubber Forklift Tires

Used in indoor / outdoor applications where tire life or flat tires have been an issue. Ideally suited for smooth running surfaces on either concrete or asphalt. Looks exactly like an air pneumatic tire except instead of air inside the tire, there is only solid rubber.  Offers less flotation than a similar air filled pneumatic tire. The operator will notice a harder ride when compared to the air filled pneumatic tire. Available in smooth or traction tread and black rubber or white non – marking rubber. Provided that the core is in good shape, these tires can be recapped for much less cost than buying brand new. Sometimes the forklift manufacturer will supply a higher capacity rating on a forklift with solid pneumatic tires when compared with air filled tires as they offer much less deflection when loaded.

Polyurethane Lift Truck Tires

For use only indoors and only on smooth concrete surfaces, otherwise tire life will be dramatically reduced. A poly tire will result in a harder ride for the operator. Primarily used on electric pallet jacks, stackers, reach trucks, order pickers and turret trucks.

Poly Forklift Tire Another Poly Forklift Tire

Why Call Fleetman For Forklift Tires?

  1. A complimentary forklift tire cost-per-hour tracking service is offered on all tires purchased through Fleetman Consulting Inc. Call for more information.
  2. Locally stocked tires will fit every make and model of forklift truck.
  3. We strive for fast, same day service.
  4. On-site full service installation.
  5. Excellent prices.
  6. Written quotations, on request.

The Most Common Forklift Tire Issues

  1. Frequent flat tires
  2. Poor traction
  3. Black tire marks on the floor
  4. Poor tire life / high cost per hour
  5. Inadequate lift truck capacity / stability
  6. Tire chunking / peeling off the rim
  7. Inadequate flotation

Fleetman Consulting Inc. will help you solve your forklift tire problems quickly and in a cost effective manner.

A complimentary on-site tire inspection is available at your facility ( within the lower mainland of BC ) to help diagnose forklift tire problems and select the most effective tire for your application. Our expert tire advice is the result of extensive field application experience ( over 20 years ).