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Independent Forklift Consulting Company | Vancouver BC Canada
  • Independent Forklift Procurement & Forklift Fleet Management Specialists
  • A Supplier Of Quality Forklift Parts, Forklift Attachments & Warehouse Equipment

About Fleetman Consulting Inc.

A List Of The Most Popular Fleetman Consulting Services

  • Reduce Existing Forklift Expenses : Fleetman conducts on-site forklift fleet evaluations and site assessments to help their clients identify excessive cost and inefficiency. Included is a comprehensive report that quantifies these items inclusive of recommendations for how to reduce them in the future. The Fleetman assessment process has saved many clients thousands of dollars and it will do the same for you too.
  • Reduce Future Forklift Expenses : Fleetman has developed an industry exclusive forklift dealer bid package to assist their clients when they need to collect bids from various forklift dealers for both new and used forklifts. Their bid package documents help clients compare dealer bids apples to apples and they display financing options such as leasing and long term rentals. In addition, these highly specialized documents display maintenance package options with various terms and conditions, all of which are custom tailored to meet the client’s needs and protect their interests long term. Fleetman shows every client how to maximize their negotiating leverage to find the best forklift package deal.
  • Strategic & Proactive Forklift Fleet Management Planning : Fleetman has a system to help every client make sound forklift fleet management decisions that are both proactive and forward thinking. They also have proven ways to help them control maintenance costs. As well, Fleetman will help clients identify when to add, retire, replace or relocate a particular forklift asset in their fleet and they will help them plan for the future.
  • Used Forklift Appraisals : Consider contacting Fleetman for a second opinion before buying or leasing a used forklift.
  • Fleetman Solves A Wide Range Of Forklift Problems : If clients have a forklift issue, large or small, Fleetman has the solution.

A List Of The Most Popular Fleetman Products

Who Is Fleetman Consulting Inc.?

Fleetman is a professional and independent forklift consulting company based in Surrey near Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Fleetman is unique in the forklift business because they are the only independent forklift consulting company in all of British Columbia and quite possibly all of Canada.

In the past, when businesses had a forklift need, they had no choice but to contact their local forklift dealer directly for help. However, these same businesses always knew this advice could later be connected to a forklift sale and therefore clients could never be sure if the dealer’s advice was serving their interests 100%.

Today, this type of fox-in-the-hen house situation is no longer a clients only choice.


Surprisingly, it is because Fleetman does not sell new forklifts or used forklifts and therefore the recommendations they make to their clients are naturally ethical, credible, free of bias and 100% in support of their clients objectives.

In addition, Fleetman is not contractually connected to any of the forklift truck manufacturers or forklift dealers.

As well, Fleetman never accepts financial incentives for recommending any of the dealer’s products or services.

Therefore, Fleetman is the only company that is truly free of encumbrances, and for the reasons above, they are unrestricted to make whatever recommendations they choose to satisfy the needs of their clients.

How refreshing is that?

Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc., founded this unique and highly specialized business because he recognized a market need that was not being satisfied by any other company.

Scott knew that there was a large basket of clients who were less than satisfied with their existing forklift vendor options.

He also knew he could provide a very high level of service and a vast array of technical & financial forklift solutions on his own.

In the early spring of 2008, the business plan for Fleetman Consulting Inc. was completed and the company was launched late in the summer of that same year.

Over the span of his career, Scott acquired 24 + years of forklift industry experience. He has all the right credentials to help his clients properly assess their forklift needs so they can make all the right choices quickly and painlessly. Scott knows his clients would always prefer not to waste time with an endless stream of inexperienced sales people who may or may not have the technical knowledge, application experience or desire to recommend safe and efficient forklift solutions for their business. Dealing with Scott directly, you will not only save money but time as well.

How Do Your Know If You Are A Candidate For The Services Of Fleetman Consulting Inc.?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you should contact Fleetman today.

  • Are you experiencing high forklift maintenance costs?
  • Are you wondering how to track forklift maintenance costs?
  • Are decisions concerning when to upgrade made on a reactive basis rather than a proactive basis?
  • Has your local safety authority instructed you to address a forklift safety issue?
  • Are you about to acquire your first forklift truck?
  • Would you like to find a way to simplify the bidding process when buying a new or used forklift?
  • Would you like to find a way to compare one dealer to the next when they bid on your requirements?
  • Do you need help choosing forklift dealers that offer the right selection of products and services to meet your needs?
  • Do you need to set up a more effective forklift maintenance program?
  • Are you considering adding another forklift to the fleet?
  • Have you ever wondered how to right-size the forklift fleet to match your business requirements?
  • Are you less than satisfied with your local dealership representative?
  • Are you currently in dispute with your local forklift dealer?
  • Are you lacking forklift purchasing and negotiation experience?
  • Are you experiencing excessive forklift damage?
  • Do you have surplus and unused forklift assets?
  • Are you interested in reducing fuel costs?
  • Are you interested in reducing forklift emissions?
  • Would you like to know how to convert to environmentally friendly forklift trucks?
  • Do you need more storage capacity?
  • Is there a high percentage of unskilled labour at your facility?

The services of Fleetman Consulting are very effective at reducing forklift cost regardless of whether the client in question is acquiring their first forklift or instead has over 1,000 forklifts. No client is too large or too small for the services of Fleetman.

In addition, Fleetman works with clients of all industry types such as, but not limited to, general warehousing and distribution, logistics, lumber mills, pulp mills, mines, stevedoring, manufacturing, building supply yards, freight terminals, food processors and so on. The list is long.

For best results, all clients should contact Fleetman Consulting before they contact their local forklift dealer. This way, Fleetman will be able to strategically position their company for maximum savings.

Scott recognizes that in order for his company to be successful, Fleetman must provide their customers with an exceptional level of service and expertise that clearly has value beyond the company’s compensation.

Please view an extensive list of client testimonials to better understand that value Fleetman Consulting Inc. can bring to your business.

For more information or to set up a complimentary initial consultation to further discuss the products and services of Fleetman Consulting Inc., please contact Scott directly by calling (604)614-3530 or via email at help@fleetmanconsulting.com.