Forklift Consulting Services

Forklift Fleet Audits

Forklift fleet audits, also known as forklift fleet evaluations, performed by an outside company that has specific forklift fleet management expertise can help companies of all sizes and types reveal opportunities for improvement in areas such as cost reduction, return on assets, downtime, safety, productivity and storage capacity.

Let Fleetman help you find hidden profit within your organization.

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Forklift Fleet Management Services

Many businesses don’t have the time, expertise or desire to manage their forklift assets effectively.

Let Fleetman assist your company with strategic fleet management planning, implementation and cost control so your company can realize the lowest possible cost per operating hour inclusive of the forklift and maintenance combined.

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Forklift Procurement Services

Most business owners or managers don’t have the time, technical expertise or desire to configure, select, source and negotiate with multiple forklift dealer salespeople when it comes to purchasing, leasing or renting forklifts long term.

Allow Fleetman the chance to show your company how to save significant time and money when acquiring your next forklift, regardless of the size of your company.

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New Forklifts

With Fleetman’s expertise and years of industry experience, we’ll show you how to negotiate to acquire the right new forklift for the right price with all the right terms and conditions inclusive of maintenance.

Let Fleetman help you make all the right choices before you sign on the dotted line.

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Used Forklifts

Acquiring a used forklift comes with many potential pitfalls and risks that many unsuspecting buyers may not be aware of.

Let Fleetman show you how to negotiate your next used forklift acquisition to minimize this risk and protect your interests before acquiring a lemon.

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Forklift Maintenance Cost Tracking Software

Proactive and accurate decisions concerning when to retire, replace, retain or relocate a particular forklift asset can’t be made without up-to-date forklift maintenance cost data.

Let Fleetman’s affordable and easy-to-use forklift maintenance cost tracking software help you make better and more timely decisions about what to do with your forklift trucks and the servicing dealer who may or may not be servicing your forklift correctly.

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