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An Introduction To A Variety Of Forklift Procurement Options

In the past, when forklift products or services were needed, the forklift dealer network was the only source for help and advice and at some point, quotations.

At that time, there was a conflict of interest because these same dealers also sell new and used forklifts and related services and therefore the “fox in the hen house” analogy applies.

Today there is another option and that company is Fleetman Consulting Inc.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. is a professional and independent forklift fleet management and forklift procurement consulting company. We have no connection to any of the forklift dealers or manufacturers and therefore the advice we supply our clients is unbiased, genuine and without conflict. Our focus is strictly on looking out for the interests of our clients and not the interests of the dealers or manufacturers. We are the only independent forklift fleet management and procurement company in BC that can make this claim.

With over 24 years in the forklift business in BC, where a large percentage of those years were on the dealership side of the business, Fleetman Consulting Inc. is well positioned to help their clients not only choose the right forklift with all the important options and accessories but we are also well positioned to help our clients solicit bids from a wide variety of dealers across Canada.

As well, our negotiation skills and strategies will guarantee that Fleetman will help our clients negotiate the best forklift package deal in the marketplace today.

Where should we begin? Below are five very important steps to consider when implementing an effective forklift procurement program.

The (5) Most Important Steps For An Effective Forklift Procurement Program

  1. On - Site Needs Assessment : Fleetman will take the time to properly evaluate your needs and it all begins with an on-site forklift fleet audit and facility audit. Various important data is collected from the existing equipment, your facility, your records and your staff to help Fleetman properly assess your needs.
  2. Understand Company Objectives : Although your company goals are often confidential, the more we know about them, the more we can factor them into developing the right solution for your company. For example, if your business has certain building constraints and we specify the forklift to meet the needs of the existing building then if you were planning to move in 3 years and we didn’t know about it, we would have missed the opportunity to propose a better  solution that would have taken the move into account.
  3. Understand Company Constraints : For example, the right solution may be to upgrade various pieces of forklift equipment in order to reduce overall operating expenses but if there are capital constraints within the company, then a different solution may be the only option.
  4. Assemble A Forklift Dealer Bid Package : After all the pertinent data is collected as described above, Fleetman will assemble a comprehensive forklift dealer bid package that will outline your requirements including the forklift specifications, options and accessories in addition to your requirements in the areas of maintenance, operator training, financing, rentals and so on. This bid package document is very detailed and very comprehensive. After the forklift dealer completes the bid package and submits it back to you for your consideration, it will then be very easy and straightforward to compare one dealer to the other to see which dealer is offering you the best overall package deal. You might be surprised how effective this process can be.
  5. Dealer Negotiations : After the dealer bid package is received, reviewed and compared with other dealers, Fleetman will help you choose the dealer that is offering the greatest overall value. From there Fleetman will guide you through the process of negotiating the final deal with the dealer and if required, they will be there when the equipment is received at your facility to make sure everything was delivered as ordered.

To learn more about how Fleetman Consulting Inc. can help you take the mystery out of acquiring your next forklift(s), please contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc. by calling (604)614-3530 or via email at