Warehouse Equipment Sales

Warehouse Equipment

Fleetman sells a wide array of warehouse equipment and plant equipment to suit various warehouse & distribution facilities, lumber mills, stevedoring businesses, manufacturing plants and more.

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View our Warehouse Equipment Catalogue.

Warehouse Equipment Catalogue

With nearly 400 pages, the Fleetman catalogue is considered to be the best in the business when it comes to quality and selection for a wide range of warehouse equipment products.

Feel free to browse our warehouse equipment catalogue which is separated into 12 different sections; Loading Dock Equipment, Facility Maintenance Equipment, Materials Handling Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Forklift Attachments, Gantry Cranes & Jib Cranes, Ladders, Protective Barriers, Drum Handling Equipment, Carts & Dollies, Storage Solutions and Stainless Steel & Bronze Equipment.

View our Warehouse Equipment Catalogue.

Pallet Jacks

Regardless of your pallet jack requirements, Fleetman will be able to help you.

We offer all standard sizes and other sizes that are not so standard.

We also have available galvanized pallet jacks for corrosive environments.

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Rolling Ladders

When it comes to rolling ladders, Fleetman has you covered.

We offer standard and custom sizes with a wide range of standard and custom options.

Our rolling ladders are of industrial quality and considered the most stable in the industry.

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Forklift Ramps

Fleetman offers a wide range of standard and custom forklift ramp sizes to load and unload trailers or containers from ground level.

We also distribute warehouse ramps that allow our clients to convert an unused loading bay or loading dock area into dock-to-ground access.

Our steel construction forklift ramps are of industrial quality and come with a wide range of options such as built in dock plates and wheels for mobility.

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Self Dumping Hoppers

Beginning at ½ cubic yard capacity up to 4 cubic yards capacity, our steel construction self dumping hoppers will suit virtually any application.

Three gauges of steel are also available to accommodate light duty, medium duty and heavy duty applications.

Various options are available such as 6” and 8” diameter casters in addition to steel construction lids for debris retainment.

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Dock Boards

Our dock boards are available in either steel or aluminum construction and come in a wide range of widths and lengths to suit virtually any trailer, container or dock height differential.

Most dock boards are available with span locks and forklift pick up handles and come standard with side curbs for added strength compared to a dock plate.

We also offer walk ramps, hand truck ramps and ground placement container ramps.

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Dock Plates

Meant for lighter duty loading, dock plates are available in either steel or aluminum construction and come without side curbs.

There are a variety of widths and lengths available; the selection of which is dependent on the difference in height between the dock and the trailer or container in question.

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Propane Storage Cages

Standard and custom propane storage cage sizes are available for a wide range of forklift propane cylinders as well as barbecue tanks and oxygen, acetylene or inert gas cylinders.

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Forklift Work Platforms

A couple of different forklift work platform sizes are available depending on how much floor space is required.

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