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Warehouse Equipment Catalogue

With nearly 400 pages, the Fleetman Consulting Inc. warehouse equipment catalogue is considered to be the best in the business when it comes to quality and selection for a wide range of warehouse equipment products.

Feel free to browse our warehouse equipment catalogue which is separated into 12 different sections; Loading Dock Equipment, Facility Maintenance Equipment, Materials Handling Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Forklift Attachments, Gantry Cranes & Jib Cranes, Ladders, Protective Barriers, Drum Handling Equipment, Carts & Dollies, Storage Solutions and Stainless Steel & Bronze Equipment.

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Dock Boards

We sell steel dock boards and aluminum dock boards and they come in a wide range of widths and lengths to suit virtually any trailer, container or dock height differential.

Most dock boards are available with span locks and forklift pick up handles and come standard with side curbs for added strength compared to a dock plate that does not have side curbs.

We also offer walk ramps, hand truck ramps and ground placement container ramps.

We stock common sizes for fast delivery.

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Dock Plates

We sell aluminum dock plates and steel dock plates meant for lighter duty loading using hand trucks, carts, pallet jacks and dollies, dock plates. Dock plates generally don’t come with side curbs.

There are a variety of widths and lengths available; the selection of which is dependent on the difference in height between the dock and the trailer or container in question.

We stock common sizes for fast delivery.

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Dock Levelers

We offer a wide selection of built into dock, dock levelers for virtually every application.

If you need to replace an existing dock leveler or if you need to install a new dock leveler into an existing dock location that has been using a drop-into-position dock plate or dock board in the past, contact Fleetman Consulting Inc. for the best advice and product selection.

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Forklift Ramps

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells a wide range of standard and custom forklift ramp sizes to load and unload trailers or containers from ground level.

We also sell warehouse ramps that allow our clients to convert an unused loading bay or loading dock area into dock-to-ground access.

Our steel construction forklift yard ramps are of industrial quality and come with a wide range of options such as built in dock plates and wheels for mobility as is the case with our mobile yard ramps.

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Forklift Work Platforms

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells a forklift work platform that is built in BC and is typically in-stock for fast delivery.

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Pallet Jacks

Fleetman Consulting Inc. has the best selection of manual pallet jacks on the market today. Regardless of your pallet jack requirements, we will be able to help you.

We offer a variety of standard and uncommon fork sizes along with standard and uncommon fork heights.

We also sell galvanized pallet jacks for corrosive environments.

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Plastic Storage Carts

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells a variety of industrial and commercial quality molded polyethylene plastic storage carts such as “Starcarts” and linen / laundry trucks.

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Plastic Storage Containers

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells large lockable plastic storage containers for storing sand and salt in the winter time, but they can also be used for other purposes.

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Propane Tank Storage Cages

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells standard forklift propane tank storage cages which are available in 5, 10 and 20 tank capacity. They can also store barbecue tanks.

We also sell oxy / acetylene cylinder storage cages for storing oxygen and acetylene or inert gas cylinders.

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Rolling Ladders

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells a wide range of rolling ladder sizes from 2 steps up to 20 steps.

We offer standard and custom sizes with a wide range of standard and custom options such as larger top steps, front or side chain gates, front or side metal gates and so on.

Our rolling ladders are of industrial quality, built in BC and considered the most stable in the industry.

All common sizes in stock for fast delivery.

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Self Dumping Hoppers

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells self dumping hoppers beginning at ½ cubic yard capacity up to 4 cubic yards capacity.

Our time tested, industrial quality, steel construction self dumping hoppers are built in BC, have all the necessary safety decaling and they come with open fork pockets to accommodate most common sizes of forklift forks.

You can order 10 gauge steel sidewall construction ( standard ) or for more abusive applications, 3/16” or ¼” sidewall thickness is also available.

Various options are available such as 6” and 8” diameter steel or phenolic casters in addition to steel construction lids for debris retainment.

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Stackable Metal Bins

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells a variety of standard and custom stackable metal bins for storing a variety of industrial or commercial types of inventory without the need for pallet racking.

Store up to 5 high on level ground with up to 3,000 lbs capacity per metal bin.

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Tilt Trucks

Fleetman Consulting Inc. sells a quality line of tilt trucks also known as “Techtrucks”. These tilting trucks are often used for collecting or transporting garbage at airports, hospitals and hotels and for renovating commercial and industrial buildings.

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Dock Seals

Keep the bad weather ( rain and snow ) or dust from entering your warehouse and / or help to keep the outside temperature from affecting your warehouse temperature by installing dock seals

Learn More About Dock Seals.

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters used in conjunction with dock seals offer the ultimate solution to keep the rain, snow, dust and unwelcome outside temperature from affecting the inside warehouse environment.

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Magnetic Storage Boxes

Fleetman Consulting Inc. has developed the ultimate magnetic storage box solution for storing tools, electronic inventory control devices, stickers and more on top of the battery cover of a typical ride on electric pallet jack.

Learn More About Magnetic Storage Boxes For Electric Pallet Jacks.

Magnetic Stretch Wrap Holder

Fleetman Consulting Inc. has also developed the industry standard for magnetic stretch wrap holders or magnetic shrink wrap holders for storing stretch wrap or shrink wrap on the top of the battery cover of a typical ride on electric pallet jack.

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Used Warehouse Equipment For Sale

Contact Fleetman Consulting Inc. if you wish to buy or sell quality used warehouse equipment.

We are very selective with the used warehouse equipment we post here on this site because we want all of our clients to have the most positive experience possible.

If you are a seller and you have a piece of used warehouse equipment that is surplus to your needs, is fully functional, gently used, with low hours, good / excellent condition ( no damage ) that you would like to sell on this website, please contact us for further consignment details, terms and conditions.

If you are a buyer, please check back as required to view our selection of consigned used warehouse equipment postings.

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