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An Introduction To Aluminum & Steel Dock Boards

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Dock boards, which are different that dock plates, come in a variety of different sizes and capacities.

A dock board has side reinforcing curbs at each side of the horizontal plate that are used to increase the capacity of the plate.

The carrying capacity of a dock board is much higher than a dock plate because of how it is designed and therefore it is mostly used when containers or trailers are required to be off loaded by a forklift. A forklift weighs much more than a pallet jack or a hand truck and so a stronger dock board is required in this type of application.

Dock boards are sometimes too heavy to be moved by a person. For this reason, many dock boards have some type of lifting mechanism that will allow them to be easily picked up by a forklift and moved into position.

Aluminum dock boards are much lighter than steel dock boards but they are more costly to purchase due to the premium cost of aluminum over steel.

To determine the correct dock board to use, you will need to know the following information.

  1. The total gross weight of the load, operator and the materials handling equipment combined.
  2. The width of the dock board required.
  3. The length of the dock board required.
  4. The maximum height differential between the dock and the truck deck. Please be aware that the truck deck should always be higher than the dock. If not, you may want to consider using wheel risers which Fleetman can also supply.

Some dock boards comes complete with vertical legs that are attached to the underside of the dock board to prevent the board from slipping back and forth between the truck and the dock. It is very important that the gap between the truck and the dock be small enough so that the dock board could never slip out of position. If there is a wide gap between the dock and the truck deck, you will have to consider using an optional span-lock which will secure the dock board into position and prevent it from slipping during loading or unloading.

The Most Popular Dock Board Sizes

Dock Boards Available Up To 40,000 lbs Uniform Capacity

WidthLengthMax Height Difference
Btwn Dock & Truck
30" 36" 5"
30" 48" 7"
36" 48" 7"
36" 60" 9"
36" 72" 12"
36" 96" 18"
54" 36" 5"
54" 48" 7"
54" 60" 9"
60" 30" 4"
60" 36" 5"
60" 42" 6"
60" 48" 7"
60" 54" 8"
60" 60" 9"
60" 66" 10"
60" 72" 11"
60" 78" 12"
60" 84" 13"
66" 36" 5"
66" 48" 7"
66" 60" 9"
72" 30" 4"
72" 36" 5"
72" 48" 7"
72" 60" 9"
72" 72" 11"
78" 36" 5"
78" 48" 7"
78" 60" 9"
84" 36" 5"
84" 48" 7"
84" 60" 9"

Note : Custom Sizes Are Available.

The Most Popular Dock Board Options

  1. Forklift handles for pick up and placement
  2. Adjustable span-locks
  3. Fixed span-locks
  4. Aluminum vs steel construction
  5. Trailer and container dock boards vs rail dock boards

As an alternative to dock boards, please also consider a more permanent solution which is called a dock leveler.

If you would like to receive more information or a quotation on a new or used dock board, please contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc., by calling (604)614-3530 or via email at