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Dock Leveler Options

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Dock levelers, in general, can be installed into a new or existing warehouse concrete floor and are considered a permanent solution when bridging the gap between a trailer / container floor and warehouse floor is required.

Mechanical Dock Levelers : This is the least expensive option because the plate can be raised or lowered by hand and with the help of spring technology which requires no electricity or hydraulics.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers : These units require an electrical hook up and switch placement for normal operation. Essentially an electric motor pumps hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinders inside the dock leveler which causes it to raise or lower.

Air Dock Levelers ( Sometimes Called Air Bag Dock Levelers ) : This product functions by way of a simple air blower that pushes air into a large, heavy duty air bag inside the dockleveler. The more air is pumped into the bag, the higher the dock leveler plate will become and vise versa. This technology lessens the long term maintenance costs typically associated with the springs and hold downs found on mechanical docks. Airdock technology is an environmentally clean solution when compared to hydraulic operation.

 Docklevelers are a much better and more permanent solution when compared to dock boards or dock plates for the following reasons.

  1. Dock levelers are generally longer and therefore their slope is more gradual, therefore lowering the bumping abuse on forklifts, merchandise and operators.
  2. Docklevelers can easily handle trailers / containers that are both higher and lower than the warehouse floor whereas dock plates and dock boards must be turned around to accommodate either / or scenario.
  3. Dock levelers don’t need to be set in place and removed in between each trailer / container and therefore the time taken to load / unload will be less and with less risk of operator injury which can sometimes result from having to lift the dock plate or dock board in and out of position.
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