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An Introduction To Stackable Metal Baskets

Stackable metal bins or stackable metal baskets can be a very effective storage option in the right application.

Although conventional pallet racking or push back racking is often the go-to solution for some clients, this option is often overlooked when there is a need for a high density, flexible and cost effective storage alternative.

Used in various manufacturing assembly locations and parts inventory work areas, these bins can yield the following 5 main benefits.

Why Use Stackable Metal Baskets And / Or Stackable Metal Bins?

  1. Increase storage density by eliminating aisle space while still allowing relatively fast access to these parts by way of a forklift, rolling ladder, order picker, scissor lift and so on depending on how you decide to configure the layout.
  2. An excellent storage solution for parts or components that are hard to contain and manage on conventional shelving or pallet racking.
  3. Easily transport these bins from the storage area to the warehouse floor, production, shipping / receiving or outside to reduce parts handling time.
  4. Easily movable compared with pallet racking which is stationary and bolted to the floor.
  5. High weight capacity per bin so regardless of the type of product you need to store, these baskets will likely handle the job with ease.

Stackable Metal Storage Bin Specifications

stackable metal storage basket stackable metal storage basket stackable metal storage baskets


Outside Dimensions : 34 ½” wide by 40 ½” deep by 32 5/8” high

Inside Dimensions : 32 ½” wide by 36 ½” deep by 24” high

Drop Gate Dimensions ( Front / Back ) : 30” wide by 12” high

Clear Space Between Stacking Legs : 28” ( front panel ) by 34” ( side panel )

Under Clearance ( Ground to Underside of Basket ) : 4 ½”

Maximum Weight Capacity Per Bin : 3,000 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity Per Stack of Bins : 15,000 lbs

Base of Leg : Cupped to allow for easy centering when stacking and to maximum bin stability when positioned on the floor

Handling : Can be moved with a pallet jack or forklift

Paint Colour : Blue

Custom Metal Storage Bins & Metal Storage Baskets


metal storage basket metal storage baskets on casters stackable metal storage basketspipe storage rackstackable metal storage bin metal storage baskets


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