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An Introduction to Forklift Ramps & Warehouse Ramps

The most common types of industrial loading ramps are as follows:

Forklift RampsMobile Yard Ramp

Forklift ramps, sometimes known as trailer ramps, container ramps or yard ramps are available in a wide range of lengths, widths and capacities to suit a multitude of different applications.

mobile-yard-ramp.jpgSome models are designed as stationary forklift ramps and some are designed as portable forklift ramps also known as mobile forklift ramps. In addition, high capacity portable docks and stationary docks are available with enough positions to accommodate multiple trailer dock locations.

The difference between a stationary forklift ramp and a portable forklift ramp lies in the addition of two wheels under the ramp which allows a forklift to be able to move the ramp into position and out of the way when required. Fork pockets can also be added to a ramp or dock component so that a forklift can simply pick it up and move it out of the way.

Stationary Loading DockAlthough there are many different standard sizes and styles to choose from, there are also a variety of custom size options available to match any work environment.

Steel loading ramps and aluminum forklift ramps are both available however we prefer to recommend steel forklift ramps over aluminum loading ramps because we find them to be more stable, durable and easier to maintain.

You should also be aware that steel loading ramps offer much more value when compared with permanently constructed ramps typically made out of concrete, dirt, gravel and asphalt largely because steel forklift ramps have a very high re-sale value when they are no longer required. Ramps constructed from the other materials listed above cannot be sold down the road because the finished product isn’t transferable to another location. In addition, there is a high cost attached to removing these materials from the site when the ramp is no longer required. Therefore steel forklift ramps offer much higher value and versatility in the long run.

When choosing an industrial loading ramp, it’s very important to make sure the ramp has been designed and certified by a professional engineer and that it meets all the necessary safety regulations for your area.

Warehouse Ramps

Warehouse RampIndustrial warehouse ramps, sometimes known as dock ramps or dock-to-grade ramps, are constructed in much the same way as stationary forklift ramps however they have a much shorter level off section at the top of the ramp and they are attached to the dock during the installation process.

Warehouse ramps are available in a range of widths, lengths and capacities to suit various applications.

The Most Common Industrial Forklift Ramp & Warehouse Ramp Options

Free Standing Dock With Dock Levelers

  • Side curbs are available in various heights to retain the forklift on the ramp.
  • Fixed and / or removable pedestrian handrails will help to keep walking traffic safe.
  • Adjustable landing gear will match various deck heights ( adjustable from 42” to 56” ).
  • Wheels add mobility when repositioning the ramp in the yard.
  • Fork pockets are available in addition to wheels or as an alternative to wheels.
  • Integral deck platform and ramp combination ( 1 piece ).
  • Separate deck platform and ramp combination ( 2 piece ).
  • Ramp only for transitioning from the ground to an existing elevated platform or dock.
  • Integral dock plate for smooth deck access.
  • Bar grate decking ( ribbed or smooth ) for maximum tire traction.
  • Custom ramp lengths, widths, capacities and paint colours.

The Most Common Forklift Ramp & Warehouse Ramp Applications

Dock Ramp

  • Flat deck loading from the ground.
  • Container loading from the ground.
  • Trailer loading from the ground.
  • Flat deck trailer loading from the ground.
  • Step deck trailer loading from the ground.
  • Double drop ( lowboy ) trailer loading from the ground.
  • Railcar loading from the ground.
  • Stationary dock to ground transitioning.

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