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An Introduction To Forklift Fleet Management

From our experience, most companies that own, lease or rent forklift equipment generally don’t have an ongoing forklift fleet management plan in place to guide them as their business grows ( or shrinks ) and as their equipment ages.

Most decisions concerning when to repair or when to upgrade, for example, are made in a reactive manner with very little strategic planning.

There are a variety of reasons why proper forklift fleet management planning is lacking but the most common reasons are as follows.

The Top (5) Reasons Why Forklift Fleet Management Is Often Neglected

  1. Available Time : Many clients don’t have enough time to properly investigate and plan.
  2. Limited Knowledge : Some clients don’t have enough forklift knowledge to be effective or know where to start.
  3. Lack of Buy-In : Some clients are skeptical that proactive forklift fleet management will actually add profit dollars to their bottom line.
  4. Resistance To Change : There is often resistance to change from how things have been done in the past.
  5. Lack of Motivation : Not all companies motivate employees by rewarding those that attempt to cut costs or reduce assets.

Adopting a forklift fleet management strategy and planning for the future will likely save your company thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly if your fleet is 5 forklifts or greater in size. For whatever reason, forklifts seem to fly under the radar for many people but if looked at more closely, many would agree that reducing cost in this area might just turn out to be a solution to help you become more competitive in the marketplace or it may be a source of profit dollars that many companies would appreciate during these times.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. is an independent forklift fleet management & procurement consulting company that works on behalf of companies that own and / or operate these types of assets, regardless of their organization’s size.

Fleetman offers a variety of programs that can be custom tailored to meet the needs of your business and they are as follows.

The Top (5) Most Popular Forklift Fleet Management Programs

Below is a partial list. If you don’t see what you need, please let us know as we can supply virtually everything imaginable.

  1. Fleet Audits : Our independent and professional forklift fleet audits will help you set a baseline for where you are today in terms of cost and the opportunities that exist for cost reduction and overall improvement moving forward.
  2. Maintenance Cost Tracking System : The installation of a forklift maintenance cost tracking system will help you control forklift maintenance costs per operating hour. You can manage this program on your own after receiving training by Fleetman or you can choose to have us look after everything including data input, maintenance decision making, when-to-upgrade decision making and so on.
  3. Forklift Maintenance Decision Making Services : Before any major repair is authorized, consider subscribing to our forklift maintenance decision making services. With this unique service, you will have access to Fleetman’s experience and expertise where you can ask our advice on how to handle the issue in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible before you authorize the repair.
  4. Forklift Bid Package Documents : When the time comes to upgrade or add to the fleet of forklifts you already have, Fleetman has special forklift bid package documents available that can be used to solicit dealer bids. This bid package has been developed exclusively by Fleetman to help clients collect bids on exactly what they need and not on the products that the dealers may want to propose. In addition, it allows the client to see all the costs such as maintenance, training, financing and not just the up-front purchase price of the forklift. The process is highly effective and recommended by other clients that have used these documents. Fleetman will take care of helping you choose everything required and we will assemble the documents on your behalf.
  5. Negotiation Services : Negotiation services for forklift equipment in addition to maintenance, training, financing and so on are offered by Fleetman as well. The process works best when it is used in conjunction with the forklift bid package as described above but it is not a requirement. At the end of the day, Fleetman is independent in the process and we have the experience and knowledge to help you negotiate the best forklift package deal by far. Give us a try.

To find out more about how Fleetman Consulting Inc. can help you manage your forklift fleet better, please take a moment to contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc. by calling (604)614-3530 or via email at