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An Introduction To How Fleetman Conducts Forklift Fleet Audits

When was the last time you took a hard look at your existing forklift equipment to see if there was any way to reduce cost, increase productivity, safety and so on?

At Fleetman Consulting Inc. we offer a unique forklift fleet auditing service that is independent of the advice you would normally receive from your local forklift dealership and we offer these services to clients that have one or more forklift trucks.

Why can we offer independent advice? It’s because we don’t sell new or used forklift trucks and therefore our advice is not connected with the possibility of a forklift sale.

Why is it important to receive independent advice when it comes to your forklift fleet? Quite simply, if the advice you receive can somehow be connected to a forklift sale, then you are setting yourself up for a “fox in the hen house” scenario. Our company will make every attempt to reduce the size of your forklift fleet as a means to save your company money because we know that underutilized forklift equipment is a very big source of excess cost. The forklift dealership, on the other hand, is in business to sell forklift trucks and therefore there is a conflict of interest that naturally exists. They are also in business to sell parts and labour and therefore the motivation to reduce these costs at your company will be less than ideal.

At Fleetman Consulting Inc., we offer our clients a refreshing approach because we are not connected in any way to the forklift dealers or manufacturers. Instead, we only represent the interests of our clients. Our time tested, proven strategies and techniques always reveal hidden costs and other inefficiencies that may have existed for years and sometimes exposing these issues can make some dealers uncomfortable. Our goal with every forklift fleet evaluation is to supply our clients with visibility on the problem(s) that exist so quick action can be taken to reduce cost and make a wide range of other improvements moving forward. We know a lot of creative ways to solve forklift problems and these solutions come from years of experience where we have seen solutions that work and others that do not.

Below are the highlights of what is included when we conduct an on-site forklift fleet audit.

A Brief Summary Of The Forklift Auditing Process

  1. Collect Equipment & Facility Data : On-site visit to collect data from all forklift equipment and the surrounding work environment. Learn about your business by witnessing work flow patterns and so on.
  2. Collect Capital Cost & Maintenance Cost Data : Assemble various capital cost and maintenance cost data, if available and if applicable, with the help of the client.
  3. Employee Input : Brief meetings with all key operational and maintenance staff that are affected by cost or the performance of your existing forklift equipment.
  4. Report Preparation : Prepare report focused on displaying the existing fleet on a spreadsheet along with a separate report outlining the opportunities for future cost reduction and other related improvements.
  5. Report Presentation : Presentation of the report material where you and your team will have the opportunity to ask questions to gain clarification and to better understand next steps.

Next Steps

Depending on your level of interest, knowledge and available time to implement the recommendations from the report, Fleetman is available to assist you with this process and our services will be custom tailored to meet the needs of your business. We can do it all or we can work with your staff to complete certain projects while they complete others. The choice is up to you.

In the event that the acquisition of new forklift equipment is the right solution for your company, we also offer a forklift bid package that will help you solicit bids from various suitable forklift dealers. Our bid package is very effective in making sure the dealers supply a bid on equipment and related services that are exactly what you need and not what they would prefer to quote. Our professional forklift bid package is very comprehensive and covers not just the specifications of the equipment but also the maintenance, training and financing packages as well, if applicable.

To learn more about our approach, please contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc. today by calling (604)614-3530 or by email at