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Track Forklift Maintenance Costs Per Operating Hour
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Fleetman Helps You Make Better & More Proactive Forklift Maintenance Decisions

Tracking forklift maintenance costs per operating hour is one of the most fundamental aspects of managing forklift assets regardless of whether you own, rent or lease just one forklift or a thousand forklifts.

In 2008, Fleetman Consulting Inc. introduced to the market a revolutionary new way to track forklift maintenance costs per operating hour.

Prior to 2008, all of the forklift maintenance tracking software packages available in the marketplace were either too complicated and difficult to learn or they simply didn’t report the data in a way that would help clients make sound and proactive forklift maintenance or forklift upgrading decisions. Often, this same software was designed for products other than forklifts.

With Fleetman’s unique forklift software system designed specifically to work with forklift equipment, tracking these maintenance costs is now affordable and easy.

The (5) Key Benefits Of Using Forklift Maintenance Cost Tracking Software

  1. Upgrading Decisions Are Easier : Deciding when to upgrade a particular forklift can now be cost justified and planned for in a proactive manner based on visible trends displayed by the software.
  2. Catch Dealers That Are Performing Poorly : If dealers are over servicing or under servicing your forklift, you will know and be in a position to take corrective action.
  3. Better Evaluate Future Maintenance Packages Offered By Dealers : It will be easier to determine if various maintenance packages, offered by dealers when you are looking to buy another forklift, are a good deal or a bad deal.
  4. Stay Organized : You will have an organized system for keeping service records for all forklifts to satisfy the needs and requirements of your local safety authority.
  5. Easier Budgeting : Budgeting for future costs and additional forklifts will be much easier because you will have all the data you need right at your fingertips.

For more information including an on-site demonstration of how Fleetman’s forklift maintenance cost tracking software will help your business track, control and reduce forklift maintenance costs, contact Scott McLeod by calling (604) 614-3530 or via email at