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by Scott McLeod

SweepEx Forklift Brooms

Clean Up Your Yard & Facility By Using A SweepEx Forklift Sweeper Attachment

SweepEx Forklift Broom Attachments Are Inexpensive, Easy-To-Use & Highly Effective

Are you still using a push broom to clean up your warehouse or yard?

SweepEx Forklift Sweeper Attachments
Consider this….. If you have an employee(s) performing this type of work at your company and if they are spending roughly 5 hours per week at this task making an average of $15 per hour, then in 5 years your company will have paid out a total of $19,500 in wages for this job function alone.

Surprised? Most people are.

Many companies today recognize that employees, regardless of how skilled they are, need to be focused on helping their employer reduce cost or improve productivity if the business is to achieve a proper financial return on its’ human assets. In other words, any activity that takes profit away from the bottom line without reducing cost or improving productivity needs to be accomplished as efficiently as possible.
There are, however, many reasons why keeping a facility or yard clean is important regardless of whether the activity adds profit directly to the bottom line.

The Top ( 5 ) Reasons To Keep Your Yard & Facility Clean

  1. Improves Employee Safety ( ie Less trip & slip hazards )
  2. Improves Employee Moral & Retention ( ie Where would you prefer to work? )
  3. Improves A Customer’s Perception of Your Business ( ie During client tours & day-to-day )
  4. Improves Productivity ( ie Less obstacles for employees to work around )
  5. Improves Product Purity ( ie Helps to keep products from mixing together )

SweepEx Forklift Sweeper AttachmentToday, there is an inexpensive option to accomplish this goal and that option is a SweepEx forklift sweeper attachment aka as a SweepEx forklift broom attachment.

Many industrial or commercial businesses have at least one forklift on-site for shipping, receiving, storing or producing their products. By adding a forklift broom attachment to this existing forklift, the utility of the forklift asset is increased and the employee is now able to complete this clean-up work much more efficiently resulting in the employee having more time to contribute, in a more productive way, to the profitability of the business.

The Top ( 9 ) Reasons To Use A SweepEx Forklift Sweeper Attachment

  1. A Fraction Of The Cost Compared To Other Mechanically Designed Sweeper Options
  2. Simple Design : No Mechanical Maintenance or Adjustments Are Required Ever
  3. Long Lasting & Tough Industrial Bristles Can Be Replaced Easily in Less Than 10 Minutes
  4. Forklift Utility is Increased By Adding One More Job Function To Its’ List of Things To Do
  5. Handles Heavy Wet & Dry Debris Equally Well
  6. Produces Far Less Dust Than A Rotary Sweeper
  7. Doubles As A Forklift Snow Plow Attachment In The Winter
  8. Available In Different Widths & Depths To Match Your Requirements
  9. Will Fit On A Forklift, Skid-Steer, Tractor, Loader & Pick-Up Truck Using Different Mounting Hitches

To learn more about the SweepEx forklift sweeper attachment and to view a video showing it in operation, go to SweepEx Forklift Sweepers

To view a video showing the SweepEx forklift broom attachment clearing snow, go to Forklift Snow Plows.

To arrange for an on-site demonstration, contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc., by calling (604)614-3530 or via email; smcleod@fleetmanconsulting.com.

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