A Brief Summary of Forklifts Vancouver vs Forklifts BC

by Scott McLeod

The greatest population of forklifts in BC exist in the Greater Vancouver BC lower mainland region.

forklifts vancouver vs forklifts bcForklifts in Vancouver have a higher percentage of electric models compared with gasoline, propane or diesel powered vehicles. There is also a higher percentage of cushion tire forklifts vs pneumatic tire forklifts in Vancouver due to the higher density of inside warehousing and manufacturing.

Forklifts outside the greater Vancouver BC area have a higher percentage of internal combustion fueled forklifts compared with electric although electric forklifts have been gaining ground in the recent past. There is also a higher percentage of forklifts in BC with pneumatic tires compared with cushion tires due to the higher percentage of unimproved ground surfaces and / or outdoor applications that largely exist throughout the interior of BC.

As we continue to move towards a greener earth, you can expect electric forklifts in BC to increase at a more rapid pace than they have over the past 40 years. Better lithium-ion battery technology, related opportunity charger or fast charger technology and forklift AC motor technology is allowing this to happen like never before in a way that is cost effective for the high-use end-user. As time progresses, the lower-use end-user will likely find this technology to be affordable too.

Forklifts Vancouver vs Forklifts BC presents a unique contrast that exists in this particular market which is unlike any other forklift market throughout all of North America.

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