Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Forklift Snow Plow Attachment

by Scott McLeod

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Not all forklift snow plow attachments are designed and manufactured the same so it would be wise to keep the following in mind before purchasing a forklift snow plow attachment.

Questions To Ask

  1. Are the fork pockets large enough to fit my existing forklift forks  (ie width, thickness & length)?
  2. Does the plow blade angle left and / or right so the snow can be deposited outside the travel path of the forklift to allow for maximum tire traction?
  3. Are hydraulics required or can the attachment be used manually by simply pulling a pin to change the angle of the plow blade?
  4. Do I have the right type of forklift tires for this application?
  5. Are tire chains required on the drive tires?
  6. Is the plow blade cutting edge replaceable?
  7. Does the plow blade have heavy duty springs so that it can pivot and flex if it happens to catch on something during use or will the plow blade simply bend when this happens?
  8. Are the pivot points greaseable?
  9. Can I buy replacement parts and are they readily available?
  10. Is the plow blade wide enough so it covers at least the tire path of my forklift?
  11. How long has this snow plow been operating in the marketplace?
  12. Do you have any local users I could talk to about their experience?
  13. How much does this attachment weigh?
  14. Is this attachment built heavy enough to withstand the forces of a forklift that weighs a minimum of 9,000 lbs while pushing heavy snow / ice?

Forklift Snow PlowForklift Snow Plow


If you are looking for a forklift snow plow attachment that is built tough to get the job done well the first time, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll provide answers to all these questions and more when you call us.

Contact Fleetman Consulting Inc., the forklift experts, to source the best value forklift snow plow attachment available on the market today.

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