Forklifts Vancouver, BC, Canada

by Scott McLeod

Think Twice Before Calling Your Local Vancouver Forklift Dealer First

In the Vancouver BC marketplace, there is an endless number of forklift dealers and lift truck manufacturers to choose from and each one of them will claim they have the best forklift, with the best parts availability, the best service technicians, the best response time and so on.

With so many possible options, and limited forklift knowledge at best, many companies often have a hard time trying to make all the right choices that will help them achieve the best combination of cost control, efficiency, productivity and safety gains.

Each forklift dealer is obviously biased toward their own products and services which is completely natural. It’s what they do for a living.

satifaction-guarantee.jpgEach forklift dealer has salespeople with various degrees of experience, not only with the equipment but also with how the equipment should be matched to a particular application. It’s no secret that with experience, you can expect better forklift solutions. At the same time, a lack of experience can lead to solutions that simply don’t work.

In addition, every forklift brand or dealership has its’ own strengths and weaknesses and unless forklift users know what to look for or which questions to ask, rarely will they uncover everything they need to know to make the best overall choice for their company.

Ask yourself this question; is it in the salesperson’s best interest to tell you all about their dealership’s weaknesses? The answer is no, and therein lies the conflict that exists between the dealership and their customer. In a way, both parties aren’t on the same team.

Up until four years ago, forklift users had no other option but to give it their best shot and go it alone. Back then, companies had only so much time and knowledge with which to investigate the option that was right for them. More often than many companies would care to admit, bad choices ended up costing them thousands of dollars in excess cost, wasted efficiency, productivity and more.

Today, there is another option and that option is Fleetman Consulting.

In 2008, Scott McLeod, President and Founder of Fleetman Consulting launched a new business to represent the interests of all forklift users. His goal was to make sure all forklift users that dealt with Fleetman would receive the highest return possible on their forklift equipment regardless of the size of their company, the size of their fleet, the brands they operate and so on.

Although Fleetman primarily focuses on strategic forklift fleet management including proactive forklift fleet planning, on-site forklift fleet audits and forklift procurement, they are also available to help clients with whatever forklift issues arise such as forklift maintenance cost tracking and much more.

By contacting Fleetman before contacting the dealer, Fleetman is better able to help their clients formulate a plan that will be 100% in their best interest because they know exactly how to approach each and every situation that involves forklift equipment and, they operate without bias.


It’s because Fleetman is not affiliated with any of the dealers of manufacturers that supply a variety of products and services.

In addition, Fleetman doesn’t accept commissions or kick-backs for recommending these same items.

The bottom line is that Fleetman is free to do what is best for their clients because they have the ability to source whatever their clients need from dealers all over North America.

With over 23 years of forklift industry experience, you’ll be in good hands dealing with Fleetman Consulting. They’re on your team.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, please contact Scott McLeod by calling (604)614-3530 or by email, help@fleetmanconsulting.com.

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