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by Scott McLeod

How To Find A Great Forklift Deal

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Gathering forklift quotes from various forklift dealers when looking for a great forklift deal on a new or used forklift truck is easy, right?

Well, not exactly.

First off, do you really know enough about forklifts to choose the right make and model that will do the job in the most cost effective, safe and productive manner possible?

As well, do you really have the time to call (3) or more forklift dealers, meet with their forklift salespeople ( who may or may not have enough experience and desire to recommend the right solutions ) multiple times as they assess your application, assemble the quote, present it to you and then make repeated calls to follow up as they attempt to close the sale? After all, every salesperson thinks their forklift is the greatest so why wouldn’t you buy theirs, right? Good grief.

forklift salesman selling a forkliftNow, here comes the hard part. You have (3) forklift quotes, likely all different because each lift truck dealer has their own angle on what you need and of course, each dealership salesperson has been instructed to be as different as possible to avoid having to sell their products for the lowest price.

By the time you finish sorting through their quotes to figure out what you really need ( an educational process at best ), you’ll find yourself in the unenviable position of having to go back to all those dealers to tell them to change their quotes so that everyone is quoting apples to apples. Only then can you get down to business to find out which dealer is offering you the greatest value or the best forklift deal.

Wait, there’s more.

You’ve only been exposed to what the dealer salespeople have offered you and what they’ve offered you is likely in their best interest of making money, right?


Isn’t it time you considered a different approach?

Below are ( 3 ) key reasons why you should try working with an independent forklift consulting company instead of a forklift dealership to find the best forklift deal.

They’ll help you acquire forklift quotes on a wide range of forklift trucks and related services so you can concentrate on running your business.

The ( 3 ) Key Benefits of Working With A Forklift Consulting Company

01)   Forklift Experience : When was the last time you had contact with an experienced dealership salesperson that added value to your day? These days, they’re hard to find. I hear this all the time from many different clients. An independent forklift consulting company, on the other hand, operates with only highly experienced people who know how to deliver the best forklift solutions to their clients, regardless of size or industry type. Buying a forklift can be complex and it can take a lot of time to figure out what is really needed. Having an experienced, independent and unbiased forklift professional on your side, someone you can trust, can make all the difference.

02)   Forklift Negotiation Strategies : An independent and unbiased forklift consulting company doesn’t sell forklifts, therefore they operate without bias and with no hidden agenda. Basically, they help you figure out exactly what is needed ( without pressure ), they solicit bids from the dealers and finally, they negotiate the right price on exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep in mind that when you acquire a forklift, there’s much more to consider than just the lift truck. Consider the cost of parts, service, rentals, operator training and that these costs may equal or exceed the cost of the forklift over time. Finding and negotiating the right forklift package deal is critically important if you want to achieve the lowest cost per operating hour over the life of the asset.

03)   Forklift Fleet Management Focused : Whether a forklift user has one lift truck or a 1,000, the basic principles of forklift fleet management remain the same. A company that is focused on forklift fleet management will care more about things like choosing the right time to upgrade, right sizing the lift truck fleet, configuring the fleet for optimum cost efficiency, productivity, safety and so on and they’ll care less about the brand of lift truck being considered. Sometimes that means getting rid of excess forklifts instead of buying new ones. Sometimes it means changing the mix of models, capacities or truck configuration to achieve the right balance of productivity, cost efficiency and safety. If a forklift consulting company only sold and serviced forklifts, they’d care mostly about selling more, not less of everything. Instead, a forklift consulting company’s focus is to help their clients find creative ways of doing more with less so they can achieve the highest return possible on the least number of forklift assets.

Above are the ( 3 ) top reasons why you should consider working with a forklift consulting company but there are many more.

For a complimentary meeting to explore whether this approach is right for you, contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc. today.

Scott can be reached by calling (604) 614-3530.

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