The Top 20 Forklift Manufacturers | Lift Truck Manufacturers

by Scott McLeod

Ranking of Worldwide Lift Truck Manufacturers by Modern Materials Handling Magazine

Every year, Modern Materials Handling Magazine ranks the top 20 global forklift manufacturers and compares their ranking with the previous year. You might be surprised by the results.

Although the global size of a forklift manufacturer doesn’t mean everything, it may give some indication of their strength in various areas such as,

  1. Engineering, ie Performance, Reliability and Safety
  2. Technical Support
  3. Warranty Support
  4. Staff Training
  5. New Unit & Parts Pricing
  6. New Inventory Availability
  7. Parts Availability
  8. Resale Value
  9. Overall Customer Care & Flexibility

Very few forklift manufacturers produce every model that is available in the open market and so it is very important to first decide what model will best fit your needs and then second, to research those manufacturers that have acceptable dealer representation in your area for that particular model. Fleetman Consulting Inc. can play a major role with this aspect of your next forklift acquisition. It all begins with a thorough and detailed assessment of the application and from there we begin to identify areas of opportunity.

Choosing the right forklift make and model isn’t easy. There is a lot of choice today and each forklift type has their own advantages and disadvantages as it relates to a specific application. The wrong decision can leave you with an unproductive / unsafe or unaffordable solution when you consider the total cost of ownership.

To find the right forklift solution, contact Fleetman Consulting Inc. for a complimentary on – site consultation ( within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia ) to better understand how our services can improve your business.

We do our best work when the client calls us before calling their local forklift dealer.

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