How To Choose The Right Forklift Maintenance Programs

by Scott McLeod

Forklift Service Programs Can Be Custom Tailored To Meet The Needs Of Your Business

When buying or leasing a forklift, many people aren’t aware how important it is to set up a cost effective forklift maintenance program before signing the deal to acquire a new or used forklift.

The Top 5 Reasons To Set Up A Proper Forklift Service Program

  1. Operator and related work staff safety
  2. Forklift maintenance cost reduction
  3. Forklift maintenance cost control
  4. Forklift maintenance cost tracking to help you make better and more proactive maintenance and forklift replacement decisions
  5. Asset value protection

Why negotiate the program details and costs prior to acquiring a new or used forklift? It’s because you have the most leverage at this point in time when negotiating with the dealer. They can’t book the forklift sale until they provide you with an agreeable forklift service program.

The Top 10 Areas To Negotiate With The Dealer
Forklift Maintenance

  1. Planned maintenance labour rate per hour
  2. Repair maintenance labour rate per hour
  3. Overtime labour rates
  4. Travel time
  5. Parts availability
  6. Parts discount
  7. Shop supplies
  8. Choice of technician ( very important )
  9. Service hours before overtime applies
  10. The use of O.E.M. vs aftermarket parts

Although most businesses are familiar with a pay-as-you go type of forklift maintenance program, many are not familiar with the fact that most dealerships offer a full maintenance ( aka guaranteed maintenance ) program where parts, labour and travel costs are included for one low monthly payment.

At Fleetman, we strongly suggest that you consider this type of program for your next forklift acquisition.

The Top 3 Reasons To Consider A Full Maintenance / Guaranteed Maintenance Program

  1. Achieve cost visibility and predictability prior to acquiring the forklift ( ie if it’s such a great forklift, why is the monthly maintenance cost so high? ).
  2. All cost components can be negotiated into one low monthly payment which makes budgeting for maintenance easy and more accurate.
  3. Reduced administrative workload, ie no forklift maintenance PO’s to issue, bills to scrutinize, cheques to issue, costs to track or filing to do.

Up until this point, you thought that buying and leasing were your only options but I would strongly suggest you consider renting a forklift long term with maintenance included.

The Top 5 Reasons To Consider Renting Forklifts Long Term Instead Of Buying Or Leasing A Forklift

  1. A higher level of cost visibility and predictability ( ie one low monthly payment for the forklift and maintenance combined ).
  2. The dealer will be further motivated to properly maintain the forklift because they own the asset.
  3. You can negotiate for the forklift and maintenance package combined based on a given number of usage hours ( ie choose the forklift that has the lowest guaranteed total cost per operating hour, not the one that has the nicest colour ).
  4. Less administrative workload associated with having forklifts on-site as described above.
  5. The forklift assets will be on the dealers books instead of yours.

Choosing the right forklift with the right maintenance package negotiated for the right price can be a daunting task for most business owners or managers.

Consider allowing Fleetman Consulting Inc. to help you make all the right choices for your business.

For more information on this and many more forklift issues, contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc. by calling (604) 614-3530 or via email at help@fleetmanconsulting.com.

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