Forklift Snow Plows | Vancouver, BC, Canada

by Scott McLeod

( aka Forklift Snow Blades )

Snow Plow Attachment on Forklift

Forklift snow plows, also called forklift snow blades, will help increase the utility of any forklift, particularly when an unexpected snow storm leaves you stranded.

Check out what I believe is the best forklift snow plow on the market.

Canadian engineered, manufactured and tested by one of North America’s leading forklift attachment manufacturers, this lift truck snow plow is a cut above the rest.

Here’s why.


  • Heavy duty, reinforced & curved steel blade ( 1′ high by 90″ wide ). Custom sizes are available.
  • Heavy duty spring loaded plow blade minimizes the chance of blade, forklift and facility damage because the blade is allowed to give and flex during impact.
  • Vertical blade movement and blade flex allows for better contact between the plow blade and the ground when travelling over uneven ground surfaces. Bottom line… less snow is left behind.
  • Heavy duty frame design with low center of gravity provides better traction, stability and durability when compared with other snow plow brands.
  • Engineered to minimize stress & potential damage to the front end of the forklift.
  • ITA Class 3 & 4 hook mounting is standard.
  • Quick disconnect ITA hook mounting is also standard.
  • Fork pocket mounting is available.
  • Manual 30 degree pivot angle ( left & right ) with mechanical stops.
  • Wear parts are available. Parts diagram with part numbers will be included with every plow.
  • (1) Year Limited Warranty.

    Snow Plow Attachment on ForkliftSnow Plow Attachment

    Interested? Call Fleetman Consulting Inc. today for more details, pricing and availability. Contact Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc. by calling (604) 614-3530.

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