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For your convenience, below you will find a directory of forklift dealers located near Vancouver, BC that represent brand name forklift product lines from various forklift manufacturers. However, before contacting any of the following forklift dealers for pricing or information, we highly recommend that you contact Fleetman Consulting first.


It’s because Fleetman is very well positioned to advise you on how to go about finding what you need for the lowest price possible. By contacting the dealer first, you will essentially limit your options. The Fleetman approach with every forklift dealer is very strategic. As with all great negotiation strategies, they have to be executed in a very specific way and therefore Fleetman would like to properly advise your company as early as possible in the process.

How Is Fleetman Consulting Different Than A Traditional Forklift Dealership?

Fleetman is an independent forklift fleet management and procurement consulting company. The company is the only independent and professional forklift consulting company in BC and possibly all of Canada. Fleetman’s main focus is to look out for the interests of their clients and they do that very effectively, partly because they don’t sell new or used forklifts. As a result, their clients have come to realize they are not connected with or obligated to a specific forklift dealer or manufacturer and therefore the company has the luxury of being able to recommend only the very best forklift solutions.

Scott McLeod, President of Fleetman Consulting Inc. has been recommending a wide range of proven forklift solutions to his clients for more than 24 years and he can do the same for your company as well.

For more information about Fleetman Consulting Inc. or some of their more popular forklift fleet management and procurement services in addition to their forklift support products, please select from one of the items listed below.

If you would like to speak directly with Scott McLeod, please call (604)614-3530 or via email at

Forklift Dealer & Forklift Manufacturer Directory For The Vancouver BC Area

Forklift Manufacturer
Manufacturers Website
Dealer in British Columbia
Dealer Website
Dealer Phone
Dealer Fax #
Key: Manufacturer
BC Dealer
Dealer Site
Aisle - Master Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
Artison Westminster Lift Truck Services Ltd. (604)580-2611 (604)580-1977
Bendi Williams Machinery LP (604)930-3300 (604)951-8362
Blue Giant BC Conveying Machinery Ltd. (604)321-2331 (604)321-9953
BT Johnston Equipment (604)524-0361 (604)524-8961
Caterpillar ( Cat ) Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
Clark Williams Machinery LP (604)930-3300 (604)951-8362
Combilift Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
Crown Arpac Storage Systems Corp (604)940-4000 (604)940-4089
Daewoo ( now Doosan ) Williams Machinery LP (604)930-3300 (604)951-8362
Doosan Williams Machinery LP (604)930-3300 (604)951-8362
Drexel Williams Machinery LP (604)930-3300 (604)951-8362
Fantuzzi Top Lift Enterprises, Inc. (604)575-5438 (604)575-5437
Hyster Wajax Industries (604)513-2216 (604)513-1916
Hyundai Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
Jungheinrich Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
Kalmar Masonlift Ltd. (604)517-6500 (604)517-6532
Kalmar Attica Equipment Ltd. (604)941-9608 (604)941-2158
Komatsu BC Conveying Machinery Ltd. (604)321-2331 (604)321-9953
Linde Williams Machinery LP (604)930-3300 (604)951-8362
Load Lifter Masonlift Ltd. (604)517-6500 (604)517-6532
Manitou Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
Mitsubishi Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
Moffett Falcon Equipment Ltd. (604)888-5066 (604)888-3587
Raymond Johnston Equipment (604)524-0361 (604)524-8961
Sellick Williams Machinery LP (604)930-3300 (604)951-8362
Taylor Leavitt Machinery (604)527-7901 (604)527-7911
TCM Attica Equipment Ltd. (604)941-9608 (604)941-2158
Toyota Masonlift Ltd. (604)517-6500 (604)517-6532
Unicarriers Arpac Storage Systems Corp (604)940-4000 (604)940-4089
Yale Harding Forklift Services Ltd. (604)888-1412 (604)888-2218


**Important Note : This directory has been assembled for the benefit of all forklift users and dealers combined. In the event that any of the information above is not correct or current, please take a moment to let us know and we will update this directory promptly to reflect the most current information possible.