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How Fleetman Is Unique

The forklift business has to be one of the most technically challenging fields in which to train a new salesperson. There are hundreds of different make and model combinations where each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

The specifications of each model are somewhat long and involved, similar to comparing one personal computer to another. It takes a person with experience to know how to properly evaluate these specifications to decide whether they will offer the best overall value for the client.

This process is critical as it can make or break whether the customer achieves maximum productivity, storage capacity, safety and operating cost efficiency in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Many dealers carry more than one brand of forklift on their shelf and this can make the job of any new forklift sales representative overwhelming at times. He not only needs to know the models, but he also needs to know the wide array of different applications where forklifts operate and how to best choose the right forklift for that application.

As a result, there has been significant turnover with salespeople throughout the industry because the process of getting up to speed can take years.

This Is Where Fleetman Can Add Value.

As President and owner of Fleetman Consulting Inc., I have extensive product and application knowledge acquired from serving the industry for a period just over of 23 years. My most recent position in the forklift business was VP Sales and Marketing at an established forklift dealership in BC.

In the years prior, I worked as General Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Consultant, Sales Coordinator and Rental Coordinator, all with the same dealership.

During my tenure, I logged significant time out in the field working with various customers solving their materials handling and forklift issues, making sure they had the right fleet size and type of truck for the job etc.

Over the years I have always enjoyed learning about various businesses and their challenges, or as I call it, their “pain”. Every business has “pain” but many businesses don’t have the internal expertise to know how to find it, define it and / or eliminate it.

In some cases the expertise exists but their time is more valuable working on other areas of the business that can provide a greater return.

These days, a lot of people just don’t have the time to devote to these issues but, if looked at in greater detail, they would realize that not taking any action is likely costing thousands of dollars in lost profit due to excessive expenses or inefficiencies.

As a forklift fleet management consultant, not an employee, I can minimize your costs by helping you only when you need help.

As a forklift fleet management specialist, not a dealership salesperson, I have only your best interests in mind.

As a forklift fleet management expert, I can offer you sound, unbiased advice that is the result of significant industry experience.

Want To Know More?

Call today to set up a complimentary first meeting consultation where we will have a chance to get to know each other and determine if the fit is right for us both.

I would encourage all new clients to walk before they run. We can always start off working on something small until you feel comfortable that you’ve hired the right firm for the job.

As always, contact me anytime for a list of references as it relates to my background, experience and capability in this area. I would be happy to put you in touch with various clients that could tell you about their experience in dealing with me over the years and the value they received through the process.

Let’s get started.