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How Fleetman Adds Value

Fleet Management Services

Although our company has very specific expertise as a result of our extensive industry experience, we are very open to being involved in other aspects of your business where you believe we can add value. When you retain our services you should see us as another employee within your organization. In a sense, we have joined your team and we will put your interests first in everything we do. We are prepared to custom tailor a program to meet your requirements so please take the time to explain to us how we can best fit with your company’s objectives. We will do our best to accommodate you.

 Below is a partial list of popular services that we offer.

Fleet Assessment:

We consider this to be an important starting point from which our relationship will begin. A plan for
improvement will only develop if you know the picture as it is today with the strengths and weaknesses of that picture clearly defined. During the assessment we will collect various data that will help us determine how we can maximize the forklift fleet’s contribution to your business. As we get to know your equipment, your staff, your business processes and your challenges we will find various creative ways to streamline other related aspects of your business such as how to increase storage capacity or improve safety etc.. Sometimes just taking the step to lay out your existing equipment on a spreadsheet can shed light on problems that will develop in the near future. We have the expertise and experience to know how to do this effectively.

Reduce Fleet Size:

We can show you how to determine if your fleet has too many, too few or just the right amount of forklift trucks without any risk to productivity. If we are successful in reducing your fleet size, you can expect to save thousands of dollars.

Disposal of Surplus Assets:

Once we pinpoint assets that are no longer productive, we can assist you by assessing their true market value. We can also suggest buyers for these assets. Disposal of surplus assets will reduce expenses and it will provide surplus cash for operations.

Affordable Maintenance Tracking Software:

Unless you have a handle on the fleet’s operating costs per hour, you can’t really make informed decisions on when to upgrade or when to meet with the dealer concerning their service performance. Grouping these costs together will distort the data and cause you to make bad decisions. Our unique system will help you track these costs in a way that will help you make better decisions going forward.

Planned Maintenance And Full Maintenance Programs:

Setting up a planned maintenance program ( oil, lubrication, filter, safety inspection ) with a reputable dealer that has the knowledge, infrastructure and technical expertise to properly support your forklift fleet is one of the most important things you can do to protect your assets. We can show you how to set up this program and we can suggest ways to ensure that the dealer is doing their job over the economic life of the asset. Many dealers don’t complete planned maintenance on a timely basis and their service vans don’t always carry the right basic parts to complete the work. The result can mean excessive downtime and cost for your business. We will show you what to look out for and how to work with the dealer so they remain accountable.

Equipment Acquisition:

Believe it or not, in many cases when clients believe they need to buy another forklift we can actually show them how to avoid this purchase without affecting productivity. We will challenge your organization to take a hard look at doing things differently than you have in the past and the result could add significant profit to your bottom line. In the event that a forklift acquisition is required, we can provide expertise that will help you develop a specification for what you should buy and how you should buy it with the goal of maximizing value from the dealer. Keep in mind that service and other related costs of the forklift, over its life, will likely have a greater total cost than the initial acquisition cost. It is very important to make sure that various service programs are carefully considered before committing to a purchase. Also, purchasing may no longer be the most economical way to go. We will want to consider leasing and rental options that may or may not include maintenance as a part of the monthly payment. These programs can be very favourable as a way to minimize and control the total cost of ownership. We can guide you through this process and help you in your negotiations with the dealer.

New Technology and New Ideas:

Has your company been running the business the same way for years? You may be missing out on an opportunity to increase profits by taking advantage of new technology, and you don’t have to be a guinea pig. There is a wide range of new ideas, new models and attachments that can all work toward improving your business by reducing cost, increasing productivity, increasing storage capacity etc. Finding ways to better automate, which reduces the need to find scarce and reliable unskilled labour, can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.

WorkSafeBC Compliance:

Need help to determine if your lift trucks meet WorkSafeBC criteria? We can help. There is a lot of confusion surrounding whether forklifts need to have mirrors, turn signals, back up alarms etc and we can help you ensure that your forklift fleet is compliant.

Reduce Forklift, Product and Facility Damage:

There are various ways to reduce damage caused by the use of forklift trucks. We can help you reduce costs in this area. We can also show you how to track these costs and how to target the source of the problem.

Reduce Harmful Emissions:

New technology and service procedures can help reduce exposure to harmful emissions. Harmful emissions not only affect a worker’s productivity and job satisfaction but they also affect their long term health. There are tools available to measure emission levels in the ambient air and there are WorkSafeBC guidelines that can help you understand what levels are acceptable. We can outline your options and help you decide on the most cost effective approach.