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BC’s Largest New & Used Forklift Fleet Management Company

A Refreshing Alternative To The Traditional Forklift Dealership,
Fleetman Protects & Represents The Interests Of You, The End User
Sales, Rentals, Leasing, Parts, Service, Training & Fleet Management Expertise
We Show You Proven Tips, Techniques & Negotiation Strategies To Reduce Forklift Costs
We Help You Make Low Risk, Cost Effective & Safe Choices To Control Forklift Costs
Discover How To Make Wise & Proactive Lift Truck Asset Management Decisions
We Welcome Everyone ... Programs For Small, Midsize & Large Fleet Users
Our Services Are Guaranteed To Increase Your Bottom Line Profit


Fleetman Consulting Inc. is the only forklift / lift truck consulting company near Vancouver BC that is not associated or obligated to a forklift dealer or lift truck manufacturer. As a result, our clients trust that we will supply them with professional, independent and unbiased forklift help and lift truck advice that will look out for their interests 100%.

Our approach is guaranteed to generate creative forklift solutions that will reduce forklift costs such as buying, renting, leasing, maintenance and operator damage while increasing productivity, safety and storage capacity.

With over 23 years of lift truck industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you make all the right decisions that will result in maximum efficiency.

We hope you will take the time to read the client testimonials displayed below as a means to better assess how we will add value to your company.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. specializes in forklift equipment of all makes and models under 40,000 lbs capacity and with users of small, medium and large forklift fleets.

With small business owners, for example, we take great pride in our ability to help educate them on a wide variety of products and services that are available in the industry. The entire process can be very overwhelming for anyone unfamiliar with the lift truck business. Many small business owners don’t have the time to get up to speed but they soon realize that a mistake made in acquiring the wrong lift truck and / or maintenance and training package can cost their company thousands of lost profit dollars due to unnecessary cost or inefficiency. A bad decision can also result in an unsafe work environment. This is just one example that illustrates how we can add tremendous value.

Regardless of your type of application, we can help you assess your needs. When the time is right, we can also help you decide what to acquire, where to acquire it from and under what terms and conditions. If you wish, we can also negotiate the deal on your behalf so you achieve maximum value and flexibility.

Incidentally, we do our best work if you call us before calling your local forklift or lift truck dealer.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. services the world; Vancouver BC, Canada, US, USA, Asia, Europe and beyond.


At Fleetman Consulting Inc., we know that our extensive forklift product knowledge and forklift application experience, combined with the Fleetman approach toward forklift fleet management, will pay off and result in true forklift savings and improved lift truck efficiency, but we thought you should hear that directly from our clients.

Below is a partial list of customers that were kind enough to share their views concerning our value and the manner in which we have supported their business over the years.

Lordco Auto
Parts Ltd.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Scott to another business if they were looking to find ways to better structure their forklift fleet. We were very happy with the outcome." more

Standard Building Supplies Ltd.

"Today our forklift operators are extremely happy and our employee turnover in this area is the lowest it has been in our company's history." more

Sunrise Soya Foods

"Scott's approach to forklift utilization and assessment of hourly consumption helped us increase our forklift utilization rate by 20%." more

CarlWood Lumber Ltd.

"We valued Scott's expertise and professionalism through the process and we still call Scott today for advice when it's required. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any prospective business person who is looking to become more efficient and save money with their forklift fleet." more

Watkins Sawmills Ltd.

"With his experience, Scott was able to recommend a forklift solution that took into account more than just the forklift itself. The result is that our productivity has increased and our costs have gone down." more

Haida Forest Products Ltd.

"While our operators were very pleased to have new machines that were comfortable to drive, our fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs provided a payback of less than 3 years." more

Terminal Forest Products Ltd.

"We have dealt with Scott McLeod for a little over 10 years now at our sawmill in south Vancouver. Scott has always been our point of contact when purchasing forklifts at the mill." more

I-XL Masonry Supplies Ltd.

"We would never consider buying another forklift without first consulting with Scott McLeod." more

Dryco Building Supplies

"We would definitely use the services of Fleetman Consulting Inc. again and we would gladly recommend Scott to any other business that is looking to improve their bottom line by lowering their forklift costs." more

Our Forklift Services
Forklift Fleet Evaluations

We conduct on-site equipment and application assessments, evaluations, and audits that result in a comprehensive fleet management report outlining opportunities for improvement.

We target excessive cost, inefficiency, liability exposure and more.

Our methods will help you proactively decide when to upgrade, add, eliminate or relocate forklifts to maximize utilization and minimize cost.

In addition, you will be able to identify surplus lift truck assets that will generate a source of cash.

To follow is a step-by-step list of what is included.........more

Choose The Right Forklift

Our knowledge and industry experience will help you choose the best make, model and capacity of lift truck with the right options and accessories to best fit the application. Our recommendations are without bias because we are not affiliated in any way with the forklift dealer network. Choosing the wrong forklift with incorrect options and accessories will cost your organization thousands of dollars in tangible and intangible costs.

We configure every forklift for optimum performance, safety and cost efficiency.

Choose The Right Lift Truck Dealer

We help you find competitive forklift dealers and suitable manufacturers for lift trucks and related services.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. recommends only the most reputable dealers and manufacturers that offer the greatest value and support. In addition, we prioritize dealers that focus on providing the lowest total cost of ownership. Achieving the lowest total cost of ownership means that you have to first identify all tangible and intangible costs related to operating forklifts and then find solutions and suppliers that will help you minimize all of them.

Click here for a complete list of tangible and intangible costs............more

Negotiate The Deal

Our company will help you solicit quotes and negotiate pricing, terms and conditions to acquire lift trucks and related services to your advantage.

We achieve the best result when you call us before calling the local forklift dealer.

Targeted areas for negotiation include the following,

  • New Forklift Acquisitions
  • Used Forklift Acquisitions
  • Maximizing Trade Values
  • Leasing or Financing
  • Rentals; Short and Long Term
  • Parts Purchases
  • Service Rates
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Operator Safety Training
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Fuel Contracts
Target Forklift Operating Costs
  • We now offer an affordable, easy-to-use maintenance software package that will help you track, control and reduce forklift maintenance costs.
  • Track forklift maintenance costs per operating hour.
  • Includes management reporting
  • A complete system that helps you make proactive management decisions.
  • Unique to the industry, our system will help you reduce forklift costs and stay organized.
Creative Forklift Solutions
  • We offer cost effective solutions for all forklift problems.
  • Deal with poor dealer performance including excessive billing or substandard workmanship.
  • Reduce forklift, facility or product damage caused by abusive, unskilled or inadequately trained operators.
  • Maintain WorkSafeBC compliance.
  • Reduce tailpipe emissions.
  • Reduce liability exposure
  • Explore new technology
  • Evaluate a wide selection of forklift attachments to improve efficiency.
  • Maximize storage capacity with the least amount of impact on productivity.

Forklift School
Forklift Dealership Programs

When forklift dealership resources are stretched thin and there isn’t the means or the ability to provide adequate training for recently hired forklift sales people, Fleetman Consulting Inc. will provide one on one or group training for these individuals so that vital liability issues, such as how to assess the forklift capacity requirements of a particular application, can be addressed.

Forklift Purchasing Agent Programs

Fleetman Consulting Inc. will provide training for forklift buyers or forklift purchasing agents that would like to improve their forklift acquisition and maintenance knowledge so they can make sound decisions on all aspects of their forklift fleet with the goal toward reducing cost.

Contact us for further details.

Forklift Parts
Fleetman Consulting Van

Forklift parts are sometimes very expensive or hard to find depending on the particular forklift make and model or forklift dealer. Our ability to source factory original or aftermarket replacement forklift parts at reduced prices will save you money and reduce forklift downtime.

Now Available

Count on Fleetman Consulting Inc. to supply forklift parts / lift truck parts for all makes and models of forklift trucks.

Request Forklift Parts Quote >>

forklift parts supplied by Fleetman Consulting
Forklift Service

Expensive forklift assets need factory recommended forklift service to ensure maximum safety, warranty coverage and forklift productivity in addition to minimal forklift downtime. They also need the right forklift service package to make sure the asset is operating at the lowest possible cost per operating hour.

There are various forklift service packages and programs available from a wide selection of forklift service providers. As an example, for one low monthly payment you could have the dealer take care of all forklift maintenance costs over a given period of time, ie 5 years.

Contact us for help on setting up an effective service program that will reduce forklift operating costs and more.

Reduce Forklift Costs
Maintenance Tracking Software

Our leading edge system for tracking forklift maintenance costs is unique in the lift truck industry. Affordable and easy to use, our software will help you track forklift costs per operating hour in a way that will revolutionize the way you will think about forklift costs in the future.

Forklift Maintenace CD

Simple yet revealing, our approach will help you make sound proactive decisions concerning when to eliminate, replace, retain or relocate a particular asset in your fleet. We will also help you keep on top of problems that may be the result of a non performing dealer or a truck that appears to be a lemon. Our goal is to maximize your return on assets by helping you minimize your forklift costs. Let’s get started..... contact us for further details.

Total Ownership Costs

The acquisition cost of any forklift is only one small component when you consider the total cost of forklift ownership. Take a moment to browse our list of forklift costs and consider the impact of reducing your fleet by only (1) truck. Keeping your fleet as efficient as possible can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.........more

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Expert, Scott McLeod, will show your company how to do more work with less lift trucks and along the way he’ll reduce your overall total cost of forklift ownership. Fleetman Consulting Inc. has no affiliation with the forklift dealer network, therefore we are in a position to recommend unbiased solutions to improve your bottom line. Contact us today to find out more.

Forklift Quotes
New & Used Forklifts For Less

When the time is right to replace or add another lift truck to your forklift fleet, count on us to help you find the best forklift deal in the marketplace.

Our company has the forklift fleet management experience to help you choose the most cost effective style of forklift to buy, lease or rent. On your behalf, we can be a part of the forklift quote and forklift vendor negotiation process to ensure your company receives the optimum in forklift value. Our client’s rely on us to make sure they find the right forklift at the lowest price and with the right service and training package that makes sense for the truck and surrounding work environment.

Contact us for maximum forklift purchase savings.

Used Forklifts
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A used forklift can offer a business real forklift savings if acquired with the right precautions and if placed in the right work environment.

There are many factors to watch out for and, if overlooked, they can cost the new owner thousands of dollars to rectify, with little or no recourse to the original vendor. For example, what is the warranty? Is there a return policy if not satisfied? Who was the original owner? Was the used forklift ever exposed to a corrosive application such as fish processing? Was the used forklift ever reconditioned or rebuilt? Are the hours original? How do you know? ... etc.

We can help you negotiate a used forklift purchase so the risks to your company are low.

Call us for a complete list of the important factors to consider when selecting a used forklift truck. We can also help you decide on whether to acquire a new forklift or a used forklift and provide the criteria for choosing one instead of the other.

BC Forklift Dealers

A list of authorized forklift dealers / lift truck dealers and manufacturers near Vancouver BC......more

Forklift Attachments

Handle your products as efficiently as possible with the least amount of damage. Check out the incredible selection of forklift attachments that are available.

View our selection

Forklift Appraisals

There are many reasons why an individual or company may require an appraisal on the forklift assets they own or to double check a dealers forklift trade in value before signing a deal for a replacement lift truck, for insurance purposes, during bankruptcy proceedings etc.

Contact Fleetman Consulting Inc. for an independent and unbiased valuation of these assets.

Forklift Safety
Forklift Operator Training

Forklift operator safety training is a very important consideration when deciding to buy, lease or rent a forklift truck. We can properly advise you on what type of forklift safety training is required to meet WorksafeBC regulations.

Forklift Instructor Training

For those clients that have larger fleets and a high employee turnover, forklift instructor training will sometimes be a more cost effective option to consider. Essentially with this program your company will designate a person to become an instructor and, after an intensive training program, they will return to your place of business and train your employees whenever the need should arise.

Contact us for information concerning where to sign up for forklift safety training that meets WorkSafeBC requirements.

Occupational Health & Safety Regulation

Click on the following link to view the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, section 16, for mobile equipment such as forklifts. This information is posted live on the WorkSafeBC website. The regulations are an invaluable tool for companies looking to keep their employees safe and where there is a need to reduce liability exposure. Now is a good time to determine if your company falls short in any of the key areas. We can help you complete a forklift safety audit of your existing equipment and we can help you ensure that any new forklift acquired has the appropriate options to satisfy the regulations.

Click here to access the regulations

Quesnel River Pulp Logo

"As a result of my work with Scott, I am confident that we have optimized our choice of lift trucks and that our mobile equipment costs will be reduced significantly"
Mike Van Aert, P.Eng.
Production Manager
Quesnel River Pulp
( West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. )
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